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Lassa Miratta (175/70 R13)

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Lasa car tire

Safe driving on wet surfaces
Complete driving control

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Lasa car tire

Safe driving on wet surfaces
Complete driving control
Maximum comfort, safety and durability
3 spacious circumferential chambers provide drainage of water accumulated in front of the tire at high speeds, which increases resistance to aquaplaning. In addition, knife-shaped, variable-angle grooves in the tread center provide lateral water drainage. Small grooves in the lateral direction on the shoulder blocks allow for safe cornering on wet and dry surfaces.

Interconnected blocks of different dimensions located in the center of the tread improve road handling and provide a comfortable and silent ride. Seamless nylon reinforcement strips on the edges of the steel belt increase endurance and road handling at high speeds, while on the other hand providing a smooth, vibration-free ride.

Riding comfort and road handling characteristics are increased, thanks to small Z-shaped grooves on the blocks in the center of the tread. While the wide, open lateral edges on the shoulders raise braking and traction to the highest level, the Lassa’s durability is standard.

Size : 175/70/13


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